Arts Projects

In the visual and language fields Ale Prade offers to the public a way to access and creatively transform his works.

The artists paintings are based in what he calls Thematic Flow, where each and every trace of intention or meaning only happens afterwards, at the inter-relationship with the observer.

The visual arts present themselves with different focuses diffused, where the intimate universes of artist and audience are mixed.

The search for the interference of a creative eye evolves to the desire of an direct action transforming the work of art. It features then the Magnetic Movable Paintings that were developed with a magnetic canvas receiving different shapes and sizes of art magnets that are free to be.

Those structures can offer different options of fixation, for instance, magnetic walls or metal sculptures besides proposing a desired creative interventions.

The idea is to create a continuum of flux, integrating distinct visions in a land of Symbolic Sharing and Pre-comprehension, plural and potent.

The transforming aspect of such a vision and interference is the focus of the research.

Ale has been presenting in Brasil and in other countries an art collection of fixed and movable magnetic paintings.

In the same track, deepening his investigation of intermedia he shows his new projects:

Koinon Flux – movable magnetic painting exhibit, accompanied by music specially composed for this project.

Lumeanx - backlight + sensors+ music and light interference

Traveling Canvas – magnetic pieces of canvas fixed

Fractal Bubbles Led Poetry - Intermedia Project of Poetry, Installation and Performing arts. A book is presented as means of integrating and mutating poetry, theater, music, painting, video and dance. The book allows from a simply reading to the complete execution of the intermedia.