Music Projects

The music was responsible for opening the doors for Ale´s creative journey of integrating different artistic activities. For that particular reason...

Music Works

Among his works features the participation in projects with singer Jane Duboc's band, production of jingles with conducted and pianist Cido Bianchi...


As a musician, producer or sound engineer: Quasimodo, Trio, Pulso, Romance Vol. II, Mãos de Dança...

Arts Projects

In the visual and language fields Ale Prade offers to the public a way to access and creatively transform his works. The artists paintings are base...

Exhibitions and Awards

Há Diversos/Ad Versos, Ocupação Cultural do Espaço Pantemporâneo, Ad-Versos, Senhas, Identidade x Reflexões...


As a poet and author, Alê goes beyond the traditional, creating and researching intermedia, digital, visual and sound poetry....




On March 23rd Alê Prade and his family will travel to the UK! Its a fifteen day trip to arrange the details for the London move that will happen in July. Alê will present his new works in the art and music fields and also develop new partnerships in soundtrack production.

Charity Art Auction

Invited by the british charity foundation "La Vida" Alê Prade will participate on the event, next to Willard Boepple and other well known artists from Latin America. His work "Incorpórea Doçura" was donated for the event that will happen on March 25th at Maddox Arts, 52 Brook's Mews - Mayfair London W1K 4ED.


Alê Prade is a musician, composer, arranger, musical productor, poet and a painter.

In the last decades he has been developing projects of Composition, Performance, Musical production, Recording, Mixing, Sound-design and Scoring for Dance, Vídeo and Cinema, besides working with Music, Instruments, Áudio, Midi and Production courses.

Highlights the participation in the selected group of students of the conductor, composer and musicologist H.J.Koellreutter, from whom he learned composition, orchestration, aesthetics, counterpoint history and classical and modern phenomenological analises of music.
At the same time started his researches in music technology, sound synthesis, computer assisted compositions, MIDI and sound engineering. Introducing himself in the universe of electroacoustic music, a work that he continuously develop in his own music studio.

In the arts, began in 1982 the production of his own black ink drawings ,water color, engraving and few years later works as an illustrator. In recent years his work includes extensive production of painting, digital art and intermedia having performed in Solo and Group Exhibitions and receiving awards in various salons and fairs worldwide.

As a poet, developed research and creation of intermedia, digital, visual and sound poetry, besides the traditional format.
The artist debut in Poetry Anthologies and had his first book in 1993, Pólen de Timbres (Timbre Pollen), edited by Letras Contemporaneas followed by Ópera Estelar (Starry Opera) Praia Suspensa (Buoyant Beach), Lagoas Cegas (Blind Ponds), Mil línguas de Madresilva (Thousand Tongues of Sunflowers) and Fractal Bubbles Led Poetry.